STRUB STE oils are recommended for the lubrication and governing systems of steam, water and industrial gas turbines. They may also be used to lubricate machines driven by steam turbines such as generators, compressors and pumps.
Specifications & Performance

DIN 51515/Teil 1 (L-TD), DIN 51515/Teil 2 ( L-TG), DIN 51506 VB, VC, VBL,VCL,VDL, ISO 8068 L-TGA, L-TSA Typ AR, DIN 51517/Teil 2 (Schmieroel CL), DIN 51524/Teil 1 (Schmieroel HL), , British Standard BS 489, General Electric GEK 32568E/F, GEK 101941, GEK 107395, GEC Alstom NBA P50001A

Approval: Siemens TLV 901304 and TLV 901305

Packaging Sizes
Our product range includes different packaging sizes from 5, 10, 25, 60, 200, 1000 up to a tank wagon. Smaller or special packaging sizes on request.

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