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Precision means that nothing is left to chance. Strub products are developed, manufactured and analysed In line with this principle. The careful incoming and outgoing quality control guarantees a continual high level of quality and product safety.

Because nature is our concern, we pay a lot of attention to the development and the worldwide sale of environment friendly and biologically degradable products.

Find the exact product for your application from our range of mineral oil based, semi-synthetic, fully synthetic, bio-degradable and naturally regenerating lubricants and technical cleaners. Please find a selection of our 1600 products on the following pages. For more information please contact our STRUB-Sales Team.

Product Leaflets:

- Automotive - Lubricants and Cleaners

- Food Lubricants H1

- GtL cutting and grinding oils

- Industrial Lubricants

- Metalworking Fluids

- Non water-miscible Metalworking Fluids

- Commercial and Transportation Lubricants

- Paper Mill Lubricants

- Rust & Corrosion Protection Fluids

- Slide way oils

- Sprays